Have you ever been frustrated by bias in the news? Has the thought crossed your mind, “This person is completely nuts”? Have you ever read or watched the news and thought to yourself, “I have a brain. Stop telling me what to think!”?

At ForAgainst we agree with you—you do have a brain and you know how to use it. We have complete confidence in your ability to analyze both sides of a topic and make your own conclusions. Every argument has two sides and it seems like everyone has an agenda for one side or the other. We have only one agenda: give you both sides and let you decide.

Look for fresh articles and topics daily. We’re brand-new so you’ll notice additional features and functionality in the coming weeks and months. If you like what you see please share it, like it, pin it or flip it so others can enjoy the bliss that comes from being intelligent.

Besides a concerted effort to not convince you of anything we also let you have some fun with the news. If you feel like an article is completely ridiculous you get to poke fun at it. Just click “RATE THIS ARTICLE” and you can rate it CRAZY CONSERVATIVE or LOONEY LIBERAL. If it is leaning one way or the other you can rate it CONSERVATIVE or LIBERAL. Occasionally you will happen upon an article that is truly OBJECTIVE (crazy, I know!) and you get to rate it as such. Remember our 100% conditional guarantee: the more articles you rate the cooler you become.

Welcome to a very special place: a marvelous, wondrous, newsy place where we don’t tell you what to think. Welcome to ForAgainst.

"All Democrats are insane, but not one of them knows it; none but the Republicans know it. All the Republicans are insane, but only the Democrats can perceive it. The rule is perfect: in all matters of opinion our adversaries are insane." Mark Twain